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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal information of the customers and members of the site is protected through privacy policy at any given occasion. Through this page, we can show how personal information of the corporate affiliates are collected and secured. Disclosure of private information may not be observed at any given occasion.

Personal Information

Through our site, different kinds of facilities can be enjoyed by the members and customers. However, personal information may not be required at all on some occasions. In case of a purchase, information may be needed to some extent such as billing address, email address, name and phone number. Both the content and images can be downloaded in a legalized manner by the customers. Services can be enjoyed without much difficultly. Stress or tension regarding loss of personal information may not be experienced at all as a result.

Data preservation

Till the time the customer has an account with us, the data is retained to offer services accordingly.  In order to delete the account and regarding information, customer must contact us through proper channel. Request from the customer can be fulfilled within minimum 30 days. Based on the legal obligation, customer information can be utilized to settle a dispute or issues related to agreement implementation.

Profile data

Services related to the content and advertising are performed based on the profile information that is obtained through registration. To offer services according to interest, service activity can be tracked. Data is often analyzed to know about the customer in better fashion. Reports are often produced related to the search from other customers. Due to aggregation of data, personal information may not be revealed. For research, audit and analytical purpose, collective data can be offered to a third party. In this way, safety of personal information can be ensured.

Safeguarding information

Through several methods, personal information is protected by our company.

  1. Customer ID and password of exclusive nature is seen with each and every account. It is possible to observe encryption with the password. Customers are requested to use a tough password with alphabets and numerical.
  2. Personal information is kept within a protected server.
  3. During transmission of personal information, it is always encrypted for safety. Use of SSL technology is observed on the occasion.
  4. 100% secured method is utilized during transmission and reception of data. To get answer to any of the queries related to the privacy policy, contact can be made through email id.

Cookies and related technologies

Customized and quality online experience is offered by enabling cookies. Small text files are positioned within the periphery of hard drive that helps to ensure improved level of experience. Information is generally contains within the cookies. Data related to time and date is also saved by cookie. Both the purchase history and registration information is kept securely within the cookie.

Following conveniences are generally offered through cookies:

  1. Identification of the registered user becomes possible through the cookies during visit to the site once again. Previous invoices connected to the purchases can be accessed in due course.
  2. Requirement to enter same data may not felt. Therefore, time can be saved by the customer.
  3. Personalized content can be delivered.
  4. The details related to login are checked every time. Therefore, it becomes easy to detect fraud.
  5. Preference is recorded while browsing the site.

In order to provide user friendly service along with customization, assistance from the third party is taken in some occasion. Therefore, cookies from the third party can be found on the site in some occasion.

Level of usage can be analyzed and measured. Different kinds of data regarding browsing are generally gathered on the occasion. To offer relevant content, previous searches are considered. Behaviors and clicks are recorded for customized results.

Privacy policy is applicable to our company exclusively. Cookies from the third party cannot be included on the occasion. Apart from cookies, several other kinds of technologies can be utilized. Through electronic images, an idea about number of the user can be acquired. However, use of gifs with single-pixel is not observed in any given occasion. Opportunity is offered to decline the service of cookies. If the customer avoids the use of cookie then issues can be observed with the browsing experience. Some of the features can be disabled completely.


By implementing security measures, loss of information and illegal access has been prevented. Through firewall, information is protected within a server. During financial transaction, SSL technology is used for safety. Defense of account depends on the customer as well. Password is given by the customer individually. Therefore, responsibility of the customer is to keep the password secret. From the company, safety is offered as much as possible. However, customer must share personal information with our services at their own risk.


Information is not asked or collected from a person within 18 years. Children cannot use service of this site. If any children have entered personal data with us in the past then the parents are allowed to contact us for the removal of data. Child’s account is deleted at the same time.

Alteration of privacy policy

Privacy policy can be changed anytime. Therefore, customers are asked to review the site on regular intervals. If some important policies are altered then it may be notified before implementation. Due to lack of response from the customer on such occasions, it can be considered as an acceptance. It means that the company can use personal information according to above policy.

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